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A new play by Henry (Hank) Greenspan, "Death/Play, or the Mad Jester of the Warsaw Ghetto," will be online on Wednesday May 26th and Tuesday, June 1st, at 8 pm, EST.  The complete program, including discussion, will go to 9 pm EST.


Rubinstein, first-name unknown, was the "mad jester of the Warsaw ghetto" whose barbed sayings and provocative antics were everyday news in the ghetto. He is convinced that essentially no one will survive. His antagonist, Abraham Gancwaych, is a Jewish gangster who openly collaborated with the Gestapo and pursues survival at any cost. Both were actual historical figures. For Rubinstein, what remains in the face of inevitable doom are art and radical play—play with a vengeance.

Greenspan's plays have been broadcast on National Public Radio and staged at more than 300 venues worldwide. He is a lifetime member of the Dramatists Guild.

Any proceeds from ticket sales beyond the theater's expenses (about 50%) will be donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund and the Program for Holocaust Survivors and Families in Metro Detroit.

In order to enable a real, face-to-face post performance discussion, "classic" Zoom will be used, which means "seats" are limited for each performance.


Tickets are available through pasting in the link below.