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Reflections: Auschwitz, Memory, and a Life Recreated

Co-authored with Agi Rubin

Foreword by John K. Roth

Advance Praise for Reflections:


“Reflections is unusual, important, gripping, and very well written. A Hank Greenspan book brings quality wherever it goes, and the ways in which Greenspan and Rubin develop their testimony are distinctive and path-breaking.” -- John K. Roth, Pitzker Professor of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College


“Reflections is a work whose brevity masks its intensity. The writing is stark and restrained. Much is revealed; much suggested. The dialogue between survivor and psychologist/playwright deepens the insights and sharpens our understanding. Agi Rubin’s diary entries three score years ago are even more poignant now than they were when written, and they are illuminated by the journey she has taken since Auschwitz, since liberation. This is an important work; a wonderful new addition to survivor literature and a powerful example of what still needs to be said before the last survivor departs our earth.” --Michael Berenbaum, former CEO and President, Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation


“The authors are the perfect team: Greenspan, a psychologist and playwright whose writing on survivors is internationally renowned; and Rubin, a diarist whose sensitivity and poetry teach us new and essential things about living through and after such destruction. Their twenty-five year collaboration has yielded a stark, exquisite result. Looking back from the dawn of the new century, sixty years since the crematoria consumed her childhood, her family, and her world, Reflections is a survivor’s definitive summing up. Compact, poetic, and accessible, the book will be required reading in universities and secondary schools. It will be a milestone experience for readers in general. Reflections is the real thing. It is a landmark achievement." --Sidney Bolkosky, Professor of History & Director, Voice-Vision Holocaust Archives, University of Michigan-Dearborn